Uus magamistoatrend pakub lohutust neile, kel voodi tegemise harjumus puudub

Pilt on illustratiivne.

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Voodi tegemata jätmine on nüüd, vastupidiselt eelnevalt levinud tavadele ja arusaamadele, sisustusmaailma oma lummusesse haaranud.

Moraali lugemise tund on möödas – nüüd võib südamerahus hommikuti oma voodi tegemata jätta. Tegemata voodite võlu avastanud sisekujundusmaailm muust ei räägigi.

Pead tõstev trend ei ole kõigile, küll aga pakub see südamerahu ja lohutust neile, kes pole voodi tegemise peent kunsti veel omandanud, vahendab realsimple.com.


Monday morning views. Makes me feel warmer just to look at this despite the fact that it’s currently freezing and I took this yesterday when it was no less cold than today, despite the sun streaming in. Firstly, can I say thank you all so much for your lovely, lovely comments on yesterday’s post. I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t quite know how to reply, except that if some of you now feel better about grey hair then that can only be a good thing. Thank you all truly. And have a great day. Not long till I can climb back in here.... which is usually my first thought on a Monday morning. Over on the blog (link in profile) I have featured some amazing black and white bathrooms - all very different and all inspirational - part of the regular beautiful rooms post - follow those tagged. . . . #mondayvibes #mondaymorning #pinkandgreen #cosyhome #beautifulrooms #cosyhome #bedroomdecor #bedroomgoals #mylands #mybedroom #mycosyhome #unmadebed #rug #velvetbed #pinkwalls #velvetblinds #bedstyling #bedhead #interiorinspo #interiorsforyou #ihavethisthingwithinteriors

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Et aga voodi igal päeval nädalast nägus välja näeks, tuleb esmalt veidi eeltööd teha. Silmapaistva voodi retsepti kuuluvad näiteks eriilmelised padjad, tekstiilid ning nende kihiti ladumine. Samuti toetab tegemata voodi kontseptsiooni huvitav voodipeatsi, mis tähelepanu endale tõmbab. Ka värvide ja tekstiilidega on võimalik luua magamistuba, mis tegemata voodi korral hajutab tähelepanu ning juhib pilgud eemale.


Anddddd we’re back ☺️?? Happy Monday you guys! It seemed last week wasn’t only hectic for me but for all my peers around me. Life gets like that sometimes ? but as long as you pick yourself back up every single time you’ll always be on ? . . . Speaking of picking up time to pick up a new series as we enter the month of May which is all about SMALL SPACES. I know many struggle with small spaces especially if your in a shared living condition or cramming into a small box in NYC. Anywho I had the pleasure of re-working & decorating my younger sisters bedroom a while back in a shared apartment in Brooklyn....and yeah its pretty tiny to say the least! I’m going to be sharing fun hacks, tips & decor inspo throughout the month thrown in with some other goodies as well. So be on the lookout ? Swipe left to check out 1 of the before & after ?

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